Reality Check

WateReuse Florida rain waterCompared to other states, it rains a lot in Florida dropping some 54 inches of water each year.

Yet, half that rain falls over a four-month period between June and September. Combined with rising demand and periodic droughts, parts of Florida now have prolonged water shortages.

If Florida’s population grows to 22 million people by 2020 (that’s the projection), the demand for drinking water could increase by 1 billion gallons per day.

On the global scale, less than 3 percent of Earth’s water is suitable for drinking. Of that water, more than 60 percent is locked up in glaciers and in the polar ice caps.

The rest is found underground, with just a small percentage easily accessible in streams, rivers and lakes.

Water might appear to be plentiful, but fresh water that is easily treated for human consumption is precious.