reclaimed water pipesThe biggest cost associated with reuse projects is capital investments neccessary to build the treatment plants and the pipes that move the water around. Every project is different, but, costs can be generally be recovered over time. Beyond that, the cost savings from delaying investment in new, alternative drinking water supplies is substantial.

It’s all part of managing all of our water resources. It’s also important to remember that water users eventually pay the cost for new supplies or for treatment, so the more cost effectively we manage resources, the easier it is to manage water rates.

Also consider that smart management and reuse saves on the costs to dispose of wastewater. It’s just much smarter to treat and reuse our water. Good for the bottom line, good for the environment, good for all of us.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection offers domestic wastewater capital funding projects through the State Revolving Loan Fund, the State Financially Disadvantaged Small Community Grant and the State Bond Loan programs. Over the past decade, the DEP has loaned $900 million through the State Revolving Loan Fund.

Communities with fewer than 7,500 residents, can receive grants up to 85 percent of its wastewater improvement costs through small community grant.

Bonds are available to cities, counties, districts, authorities and other local agencies. It’s important. It’s important that we invest.